It offers two backup solutions – backup the entire iPhone/iPad or backup only selected files. Press the “Enter” key to execute the command. After everything has been done, you’ll see a new folder named Backup appears within the MobileSync folder. I have used Linux on my home PCs for a few years and the ONLY thing I miss from Windows is File Explorer. None of the Linux file managers “just do” everything . When I saw a screen print of the File Explorer in Windows 11 I thought out loud ” on my God, they have dumbed down Windows File Explorer so it looks exactly like my Linux one”.

  • Now, the skills of using OBS to record desktop audio are clear to you.
  • These are the same files used to configure the Unix version, but there are a few different directives for Apache on Windows.
  • But if you are satisfied with the new updated system, you can go ahead and just delete it.
  • However, removing the programs is not always easy, which will leave the unwanted traces behind.

You have several options for signing in to your laptop or PC in this section. You should find Windows Hello in the section. Assuming that you have the right hardware available on your computer, let us check out how you can set up Windows Hello on your computer.

Add Google Drive To File Explorer Sidebar

Rory is a Deals Editor at Tom’s Guide based in the UK. He covers a wide range of topics but with a particular focus on deals, gaming and streaming. We’ve found that most of our users like to store finished videos on YouTube, especially for external videos. From there, you can add any desired effects or features. If you’re narrating your recording, having a script is a good idea to ensure you stay on track and cover the necessary material. The Camtasia recorder allows you to customize the controls for your recording.

Windows 10 Education For Current Students

In this way, the content of each slide, animations, audio, and video are played together, which gives the look and feel of a video. If you are a live streamer, you know how important it is to capture the right screen. When you are broadcasting to viewers, it’s essential that you do not give away potential personal information. Surprisingly, capturing your screen in Open Broadcaster Software was not an easy task.

One more thing you can do is clean your Start Menu toolbar. Simply right-click on the program that you no longer need, and then click “Unpin from Start.” This will put a great relief on your system’s bloatware. Where the attribute next to rmdir can either be /S or /Q depending on whether you want to delete the directory itself along with the files in the specifies directory or not. Windows Upgrade Log Files – you’ll need them to troubleshoot if the upgrade did not go as intended.

I am convinced that Microsoft uses the app to trick those who appreciate their privacy into revealing their address. I’ve given Microsoft my precise address in every setting I can find, but it’s not enough. “Connect using different credentials” is more interesting. If your network drive is password-protected, keeping this disabled will attempt to login automatically using your Windows username and password. If you have a different username or password configured on your network drive, you should check this box. You’ll be able to supply your username and password after you click “Finish.”